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About us is an online platform for learning German, which uses modern teaching tools and at the same time provides practical information about living and working in Germany and Austria.

What is

This free online platform is devoted to the German language and its increasing significance in European and international contexts. The labour markets in Germany and Austria are attractive to business partners from other countries and are open to new, qualified workers, which explains the growing interest in learning German.

The main target group of is motivated learners of German who have a lively interest in language, culture and people. The online platform is directed equally at workers with various qualifications, students intending to move to Germany or Austria or who already live there, as well as everyone who needs German at work, school pupils, tourists or residents of countries bordering on Germany and Austria.

Why learn German?

  • The geographical situation of Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the centre of Europe, as well as their cultural and economic significance, makes the German language highly attractive.
  • Over 100 million people world-wide speak German.
  • Almost 20 million people world-wide are learning German.
  • German is the most widely spoken language in the EU.
  • German is, according to “Eurostat“, the second most frequent foreign language in the EU.


A key element in the success of is the close collaboration between the partners, who are pooling their qualities and diverse experience in order to reach the common goal. In the project team there are contributors from various sectors, from NGOs, as well as from private and public educational institutions, who ensure the project’s success and its dissemination among the target groups.

Studio GAUS GmbH

Berlin, Germany |

The New Media Agency Studio GAUS works on various E-learning projects, including developing the language learning portals,, and . The agency has specialised particularly in systems development for linguistic and didactic web content, as well as multilingual, interactive systems for free E-learning web sites.


Partizánske, Slovakia |

The international organisation E@I, relying on around 250 volunteers, supports intercultural learning on the internet. Its projects, which provide the basis for, are multilingual websites where one can learn Esperanto ( and Slovakian ( As well as developing learning portals, E@I also organises various training initiatives, especially in the areas of languages and new technologies.

Österreich Institut GmbH

Vienna, Austria |

Since 1997, the Österreich Institut (Austria Institute) has been offering German courses in cooperation with the Republic of Austria. Every year, around 10,500 people follow the course “Deutsch mit dem Österreichplus” in Belgrade, Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Kraków, Rome, Sarajevo, Warsaw and Wrocław. Every year, around 2,500 students take the internationally recognised language exam of the Austrian Language Diploma in German (ÖSD). The Austria Institutes support the teaching of German as a foreign language in their various countries and work together with other Austrian and international institutions. In 2002, the Österreich Institut was awarded the European Label for innovative language projects.


Berlin, Germany |

WBS TRAINING AG has over 30 years experience in funded vocational training as well as in in-service training, and it offers qualifications in 20 thematic areas relevant to the labour market: from automation technology, through electronic data processing and SAP-software to languages – many with a guarantee that the course will run. Throughout Germany, the network of private and company customers is served by a staff of around 450 in more than 80 locations.

Inter-kulturo d.o.o.

Maribor, Slovenia |

The Slovenian association Inter-kulturo specialises in international projects and collaboration in the areas of education and culture, with special emphasis on languages. An additional activity is translating: Inter-kulturo publishes Slovenian literature in other languages and less well known works of world literature in Slovenian.

Mediaost Public Relations & Marketing

Berlin, Germany |

The Berlin PR and marketing agency, Mediaost, works in the areas of public affairs, PR and communications in the German-Russian and German-Austrian contexts. Mediaost provides the organisation and PR support for international projects of the Berlin Senate, for the Russian Ministry of Culture and for other state institutions. The agency acts also primarily in Eastern Europe as a competent partner in film production and the promotion of internet platforms.

Fundacja Novinka

Cracow, Poland |

The Novinka Foundation is an unregistered organisation whose goal is to promote large scale social development and promote ties between countries. The organisation chiefly supports projects in Central and Eastern Europe, emphasising intercultural dialogue, international co-operation, development of digital sites and creating new co-operations in local, regional, national, European and global levels. This institution also operates the website "" dedicated to Czech and Slovak culture.

Spektrum Educational Center

Miercurea Ciuc, Romania |

The aim of Fundatia Centrul Miercurea Ciuc is a forward pushing open society and developing economically deprived regions of Romania through training, courses and projects for several target groups. Strengthen local communities through life long learning, international experiences and trans-national exchanges are key concepts.

Sınırlı Sorumlu Bilimsel Araştırmalar ve Uygulama Eğitim Kooperatifi

Istanbul, Turkey |

Bilark is an exploratory institute which realises its own exploratory projects, creates and promotes exploratory sites through events and advises and supports young scientists. The experience of Bilark includes translation, applied language science, literature science and teaching of foreign languages. The aim of Bilark is to connect scientists from different sciences outside the academic world through many co-operations.

Milos Educational Womens Collaboration for Activities in Tourism

Milos, Greece |

Mewcat was founded as an initiative with the aim to strengthen intercultural dialogue in tourist regions like Greek islands. The aim is to make use of the multinational and multilingual potential of those interactions and to support the tourist workers professionally and through training. In its projects, Mewcat works with language teachers, programmers and workers from the tourist industry.

Co-operation partners

Centrum jazykového vzdělávání Masarykovy univerzity

Brno, Czech Republic |

CJV MU, the Foreign Language Centre of the Masaryk University, is an inter-disciplinary centre which offers foreign language tuition in the various faculties for those who are not primarily language students. In the eight departments, about sixty tutors, from home and abroad, teach the peculiarities of the various specialist languages and help students to strengthen their academic skills. Each course includes web-based support material designed by the teachers themselves. The centre is also developing electronic tests to assess language levels and a virtual language studies room.

English Unlimited Sp. z o. o.

Sopot, Poland |

As one of the largest language schools in northern Poland, English Unlimited (EU) offers language courses in various European languages for over 3,000 students and teachers. German is the second most popular language on offer, in which there are also further training courses for teachers. English Unlimited has two authorised examination boards: those of the Goethe-Institut and of Cambridge ESOL PL 080. English Unlimited is involved in numerous other European projects besides

Look in MENA

Look in Mena is a platform that provides information and services related to university study around the world. In addition it helps in finding all opportunities concerning educational courses and entertainment, and cultural activities in the MENA region.

Österreichischer Integrationsfonds

The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) is a fund of the Republic of Austria and a partner of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs as well as numerous responsible parties in the field of integration and migration in Austria.

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