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The online content on the platform is getting a new addition: an app for learning the articles. The planned app "Der Die Das" will not allow you to learn the articles and their declensions in a fun way, but also to revise the use of prepositions.

Six partner organisations from six European countries have been working together on this project, funding by the European Commission, since October 2019. Together they are developing an app to learn articles and declensions that can be used in 21 languages. Bulgarian, Chinese and Vietnamese are being added to the languages already available on We are constantly collaborating with our partners to produce state-of-the-art learning content that is especially suitable for Advanced learners. The main idea behind the development of the app is that a kind of algorithm will analyse users while they use the app and create tailored, individual support. The learning exercises will be supported by images and audio.

The main target group of are people motivated to learn German with a strong interest for language, culture and people. The app is also aimed at employees with the most varied qualifications, as well as students who intend on moving to Germany or Austria or already live there, schoolchildren, tourists, and residents of border regions.

Online from November 2021!


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