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With the app " Der Die Das" one of the most difficult chapters of the German language - learning the articles and their correct use - can be mastered in a playful and fun way.

A total of 1000 relevant nouns are trained with the help of 10.000 example sentences. In addition to the definite and indefinite article, their use in connection with prepositions, adjectives, possessive pronouns, and indefinite pronouns in various cases is also trained - in singular and plural!

The focus of the example sentences is on spoken language and relevant word combinations. This way, words and phrases can be used immediately in everyday life!

The app is entertaining, with lots of interesting country and cultural information about the German-speaking countries, grammatical hints, funny phrases, lots of illustrations, and audio. The app also has a beautiful design and a playful structure. A special algorithm enables individual and level-appropriate learning and ensures regular repetition of the learned words and phrases.


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