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Conditions of use

A warm welcome to, a multilingual website for learning German! Accessing and using the website ("the website", "the service", "the provider") implies that you (the "user") have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions, regardless of whether you are registered as a member on Therefore, please read the following text thoroughly.

1. Registration

  1. You can use some of our services without registration on the website. In order to use all the features of the website, you need to set up a personal account. Registration is free.
  2. You may only register once and may only create one user profile.
  3. Only people over the age of 18 are eligible to register. The use of this website by minors is permitted only with the consent of the guardian.
  4. You guarantee that all data provided by you at registration are true and correct and that you will always keep it up to date.
  5. When registering, the use of data (e.g., username, name, profile pictures, etc.) that infringe third party rights, including trademarks or registered rights, is forbidden. Unlawful data or data contrary to these terms of use may also not be used.
  6. During registration you will choose a password; you are responsible for keeping this password secret.
  7. You agree that certain data from your user profile may be publicly available (such as your username, linguistic progress, online status, selected language, registration date and last date of activity and other voluntary disclosures, including your profile picture). Your e-mail address and password will not be accessible by other users.
  8. Registration on the website is completed via an activation link. Upon registration on the website, you will receive an automatic confirmation email from the Provider, containing this link.
  9. If an account is registered but never activated, the provider reserves the right to delete the incomplete registered account.
  10. The provider of this site does not guarantee the true identity of a user. Each user is responsible for checking the identity of other users. The provider reserves the right to request proof of the information relevant as evidence of identity and age. If supporting documents are not provided within the period specified by the provider of this website, the provider will delete the user account in question.

2. Data protection

The provider of this site is aware that the protection of personal data is very important. That is why the site adheres strictly to the rules of data protection law. Details concerning the processing of user data are governed by the Privacy Policy.

3. Responsibilities of the user

  1. The website may only be used for purposes permitted by law.
  2. As a user you are required to:
    • only to make truthful and non-misleading statements in your profile and your communications with other users;
    • to keep registration data secret and not disclose it to third parties;
    • immediately inform the supplier of the website if there is reason to suspect that a third party has gained knowledge of access data for and/or has abused a user account.
  3. You are solely responsible for the content posted by you and for communication with others, both public and private. You are also obliged to protect the rights and interests of other users or third parties, in particular their personal rights.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to upload the following content (as images, links, photos, forum posts, or other content, including private messages and profile pictures) on the Website and to post, send, link, transmit, promote, offer or otherwise provide it:
    • legally protected content, for example content that is protected by copyright, related/neighbouring rights, naming rights, branding, trademarks, patents (including utility and industrial design), proprietary or personal rights if you are not entitled to these rights;
    • content which is pornographic, violent, obscene, sexist, defamatory, libellous, racist, abusive of members of minority religions or hurtful representations as well as content that violates child protection laws;
    • propaganda and symbols of banned organizations;
    • harassment or abusive, slanderous, threatening and discriminatory statements;
    • private data from other users (e.g. address, phone number, bank account) or quotations from private communication with other users, providers/administrators of the website or third parties;
    • links to websites with illegal content;
    • any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail", spam, chain letters, pyramid or pyramid schemes or any other form of solicitation;
    • any material which contains viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other programs that may jeopardize or impair the functionality or existence of this or other websites.
  5. The following acts are prohibited to the user:
    • using, or trying to use, the account of another user or the system without the authorization of the provider;
    • impersonating another person or providing false information about yourself;
    • the blocking of website functions, overwriting, modifying or copying of the content, of the program code and/or data of the website, as well as the automated retrieval of content, unless this is necessary for the proper use of the services of the website.
  6. The owner of this site reserves the right to delete unauthorized posts (including private messages and images) that do not meet these terms and conditions, or the user's account, at any time and without notice.

4. Changes to service

The provider is also entitled to change or discontinue the services offered at any time, at its discretion without prior notice.

5. Granting of rights

  1. The provider of the website gives you, as a user, a personal, worldwide, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use these services in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  2. As a user, you grant the website a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, temporally, content and spatially unrestricted right to use the content posted by you in all media used by the provider. The owner of this site is specifically authorized to use this content in any media, as well as to publish, copy, reproduce, modify, edit, distribute, and adapt it for this purpose.
  3. As a user, you guarantee that your content can be used freely by third-parties in the context of 5.2. You certify that you own all the rights and authority necessary for the rights granted herein relating to content submitted by you.
  4. The rights granted to you by the website, and the above stated warranties and indemnities do not end with the termination of the contractual relationship.

6. Property rights

All contents of this website, including texts, pictures and graphics are protected by copyright. Unless otherwise indicated, they belong to the website and are published under the conditions of the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) licence. They can be used within the conditions of this licence.

7. Contract period and termination

  1. The term of the membership of the website begins with the registration and agreement to these terms of use and privacy rules, and continues indefinitely.
  2. You can cancel the service at any time without notice for any reason at Upon termination, you will no longer have access to your profile and all information it contains will be deleted by the website provider. You agree that some content (such as comments, posts or messages) that are not directly connected to your profile, may remain even after the deletion of your profile. You are not entitled to restitution or other transfer of the content posted by you.
  3. The right to extraordinary termination for good cause remains unaffected. An important reason would be if one of the parties has breached obligations under these terms of use. In the case of an extraordinary termination by the provider you are excluded from further use of the website permanently. This also means that re-registration is not permitted.
  4. The owner of this site reserves the right to delete the user's account if a user has not used the service for more than 6 months.

8. Liability

  1. The provider tries to keep the website running, error free and secure, but it does not guarantee that the website is safe, secure or error free at any time, nor that it always works without disruptions, delays or deficiencies.
  2. The provider does not accept liability for slight, negligent breaches of duty, unless this breach leads to damage to life, body or health, and as long as no regulations under the Product Liability Act have been breached. The liability for breaches of obligations, which prevent the proper execution of the contractual relationship and on whose observance the user regularly relies, remain unaffected by this. The same applies to violations by our agents.
  3. According to the law, the supplier of the website as a service provider is not obliged to monitor the transmitted or stored information or to investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity. It therefore accepts no responsibility for the information provided by users of the website content, data and/or information, statements made or the content of linked external websites.
  4. Despite careful checking of content, the providers of the site are not liable for the contents of external links. Their creators are solely responsible for the content of linked pages.
  5. The provider is not responsible for the content and accuracy of advertising. The author is solely responsible for the content of the advertisements. The same applies to the content of the advertised website. Allowing an advertisement to appear on the website does not mean that the provider is agreeing to the legality of its content. The responsibility for this rests solely with the advertisers.
  6. As a user, you free the website provider from all claims, including claims for damages, which other users or other third parties bring against the provider for breach of their rights by you or due to the content created by you. A user who posts such content on the website assumes all costs incurred by the third party provider of the site due to a violation of rights, including costs for legal defence costs. All other rights, including damage claims by the party remain unaffected.

9. Closing conditions

  1. These terms and conditions and any disputes related to them are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The location of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction, as far as legally possible, is Berlin.
  2. The German version of the agreement is legally binding.
  3. The owner of this site reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without giving reasons. The latest version is always available at Users will not be informed when there is a change in the terms of use; it is the responsibility of the user to retrieve and view the current terms of use. By continuing to use the website after a change in the conditions of use, the user agrees to the changes.
  4. The provider is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations under these terms, entirely or in part, to a third party, within a four week period following notice via e-mail.
  5. Contact information for the provider or the administrators of the website can be found on the contact page.

Last updated: March 15, 2017

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