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Dear parents!

We're so happy that you found our offer "Dandelin – German for Kids".

Learning a foreign language isn't just incredibly important to get by in today's globalised world, it's also greatly enriching personally and can bring a lifetime of joy.

With our offer comprising a language-learning app, teaching units for school and nursery, and materials for parents, children are accompanied by the mascot "Dandelin" in their first steps in the world of the German language.

Dandelin is a cheeky, funny character who's always keen to have a good time. Learning with Dandelin is pure fun!

New technologies like smartphones and laptops provide exciting possibilities for children in particular to pick up a language in a playful and entertaining way. It's important, though, that new technologies are used in a careful, age-appropriate way and not just as an "input channel".

We have chosen a holistic approach to language learning: Ideally your child will strengthen their German skills with the fun language-learning app "Dandelin – German for Kids" in their free time (or at school or nursery), either alone or with you.

We've also prepared some fun ideas for you, dear parents, to integrate the basic vocabulary introduced in the app into your home life and to help you make learning German a part of day-to-day life in your family.

There is also a wide selection for nursery and primary-school educators: 50 lesson units developed by us, including lots of fun activities and exercises. Dandelin is also on hand here to provide motivation with learning German, focusing on speaking and on learning with all of the senses.

(If this offer is of interest to your child's nursery or primary school, please feel free to make educators aware of "Dandelin – German for Kids".)

The different materials are designed to be used either together or independently of each other.

How can you help your child learn German?

One of the most important factors for children to successfully learn a language is positive motivation from parents. Ideally you will lead by example and collect words in a playful way, whether on holiday, watching TV, shopping, or meeting German-speaking friends.

Parents who already speak a bit of German obviously have an advantage here and can introduce children to words in a playful way, such as for example playing simple games like "I spy..." or reading German books to their children.

Even parents who don't speak any German themselves can also do lots to help their child learn the language. For example, you might play German children's songs to your child and try to sing along together. Cartoons, audio books and documentaries in German could also be an excellent choice for your family.

If you'd like to integrate German into your day-to-day life, we've got a few ideas for at home. They provide an introduction to various topics and can easily be expanded on with the language-learning app "Dandelin – German for Kids".

We hope you have lots of fun with Dandelin!

Additional material

  • 1. Dandelin's chocolate cake

  • 2. Colour Dandelin in

  • 3. My Dandelin puppet

  • 4. The new student

  • 5. Dandelin's number treasure hunt

  • 6. Dandelin's shadow theatre

  • 7. Dandelin's maze

  • 8. Dandelin's ice cream from the freezer bag

  • 9. Dress your Dandelin!

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