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How hard is German for English speakers?

von germanlearningclub, 18 maj 2020

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germanlearningclub (Profil anzeigen) 18 maj 2020 10.46.18.MD

There is an uncertain discussion about learning German, which is similar to English in some cases and it is difficult to learn for the unique grammar and aggressive pronunciation of the English speaker.

German and English belong to the West Germanic branch in German. It is a sub-part of the Indo-European family of languages. The fact is that despite many similarities, English speakers have a hard time deciphering German literature.

Let's tell the truth; German and English are two different languages, but learning German is not difficult as many know it. At the same time, it has its challenges.

Things generally depend on the context. Consequently, the accessibility of a language depends on the language as well as on the learner.

Let’s go into some detail to help you make up your mind on whether German is an easy language or a difficult language.

I hope this helps you,
source: How hard is German for English speakers?

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