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Masculin, feminin, neutral - is there any rule to learn this?

von dominiquita, 09 korrik 2015

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dominiquita (Profil anzeigen) 09 korrik 2015 7.33.12.PD

Hello Everybody!

I'm learning Deutsch, but "das ist so schwer", especially learning determiners. Are there any rules to learn them? For exampe, I noticed that every fruit is "die", except der apfel. Do You know any others?

Danke für Ihren Hilfe! (is that correct?ridulo.gif)

Simonegal (Profil anzeigen) 13 korrik 2015 9.19.14.PD

yes, there are some rules, but there are also lots of irregularities...I can give U only some rules because in my book there are no all the rules.
Are maskulin:
  • days of the week, months, and seasons;
    Car productors (Fiat, Toyota, Jeep, Ferrari, Lamborghini ecc.)
    Names that end in -en.
Are Feminin:
  • Names of the boats and of the planes;
    names ending in -ung, -heit, -keit, -schaft;
    Names with the desinence -enz, -ie. -ik, -io, -tät.
Are Neutrum:
  • Names with the desinence -lein, -chein;
    Names ending in -(i)um, -ment;
    Infinitive and adjectives used as names (das Gehen in Kino ist longweilig, for example!)

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