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Freundin - friend / girlfriend?

von stoavicito, 15 shkurt 2015

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stoavicito (Profil anzeigen) 15 shkurt 2015 6.01.01.MD

I understand that 'Freund' can mean either '[male] friend' or 'boyfriend' and likewise 'Freundin' can mean '[female] friend' or 'girlfriend', and likewise. How do I distinguish between the two meanings? It's potentially a very embarrassing mistake to make...

Hachi_Vellamo (Profil anzeigen) 23 shkurt 2015 9.57.34.PD

If you want to say "my friend", you can say "ein Freund/eine Freundin von mir". If you want to say "my girlfriend", you can say "meine Freundin/mein Freund".
That's the difference. Using an indeterminative article, there are no doubts about the relationship between you and that person.

stoavicito (Profil anzeigen) 23 shkurt 2015 6.42.16.MD

Thanks, that clears it up

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