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Masculin, feminin, neutral - is there any rule to learn this?

od dominiquita, 9. júla 2015

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dominiquita (Zobraziť profil) 9. júla 2015 7:33:12

Hello Everybody!

I'm learning Deutsch, but "das ist so schwer", especially learning determiners. Are there any rules to learn them? For exampe, I noticed that every fruit is "die", except der apfel. Do You know any others?

Danke für Ihren Hilfe! (is that correct?ridulo.gif)

Simonegal (Zobraziť profil) 13. júla 2015 9:19:14

yes, there are some rules, but there are also lots of irregularities...I can give U only some rules because in my book there are no all the rules.
Are maskulin:
  • days of the week, months, and seasons;
    Car productors (Fiat, Toyota, Jeep, Ferrari, Lamborghini ecc.)
    Names that end in -en.
Are Feminin:
  • Names of the boats and of the planes;
    names ending in -ung, -heit, -keit, -schaft;
    Names with the desinence -enz, -ie. -ik, -io, -tät.
Are Neutrum:
  • Names with the desinence -lein, -chein;
    Names ending in -(i)um, -ment;
    Infinitive and adjectives used as names (das Gehen in Kino ist longweilig, for example!)

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