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Freundin - friend / girlfriend?

od stoavicito, 15. februára 2015

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stoavicito (Zobraziť profil) 15. februára 2015 18:01:01

I understand that 'Freund' can mean either '[male] friend' or 'boyfriend' and likewise 'Freundin' can mean '[female] friend' or 'girlfriend', and likewise. How do I distinguish between the two meanings? It's potentially a very embarrassing mistake to make...

Hachi_Vellamo (Zobraziť profil) 23. februára 2015 9:57:34

If you want to say "my friend", you can say "ein Freund/eine Freundin von mir". If you want to say "my girlfriend", you can say "meine Freundin/mein Freund".
That's the difference. Using an indeterminative article, there are no doubts about the relationship between you and that person.

stoavicito (Zobraziť profil) 23. februára 2015 18:42:16

Thanks, that clears it up

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