How I Learned German in 6 Months

od germanlearningclub, 16 maja 2020

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germanlearningclub (Pokaż profil) 16 maja 2020, 19:26:26

There is not much secret in learning a language, as it involves working with the language as much as possible over a long period of time. However, I can give you advice on how I learned to speak German fluently (and I mean - I could say anything I wanted or had to say) within about 6 months. Konjunktiv II? Kein Thema. Polite speech? Absolut! Telling someone? This too.

Make no mistake - learning German in 6 months was really difficult. I started at level A2 (the second-lowest level) and progressed to C2 (the highest level) and did so without much help outside of school hours. It was really difficult, painful, and even joyful and inspiring. Here's how it happened:

I hope this helps you,
source: How I Learned German in 6 Months

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