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German assignment

jun010, 2020 m. gruodis 17 d.

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Kalba: Deutsch

jun010 (Rodyti profilį) 2020 m. gruodis 17 d. 03:18:30

Can someone help me? here is my ws number +60102678893

MarlonJ (Rodyti profilį) 2021 m. sausis 20 d. 03:41:07

I hope that you already found someone that can help you with your homeworks! Also, goodluck! German is a tough language to learn. If you really learn it well, then you really must learn how to be patient with it. Also, I think it will be better to ask for help if you post the lessons you are currently studying.

sara7879 (Rodyti profilį) 2021 m. vasaris 24 d. 19:30:29

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