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Understanding of "erlangt durch".

hidanemaker, 2020 m. rugpjūtis 12 d.

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hidanemaker (Rodyti profilį) 2020 m. rugpjūtis 12 d. 03:55:39


I am reading "Die Geheimnisse der oberen und der unteren Welt" and encountered following usage of "erlangt durch" which I am not sure how to construe.
It would be highly appreciated if someone could advise on this.

QTE (capitalised by questioner)--
"4. Ilm ar-ruqa: das Wissen über die natürlichen Dispositionen der Dinge und Geschehnisse, ERLANGT DURCH bestimmte Handlungen, wie etwa die Praktiken der Beschwörung, die zu Heilungzwecken und zum Schutz eingesetzt werden;"

This is a part of a list of subareas of Arabic magic.
In accordance with a dictionary, I understood "'Ilm ar-ruqa' is a knowledge of natural dispositions of things and events, ACQUIRED THROUGH certain acts such as performing incantation which are used to heal or for protection".

But in context it is questionable a knowledge ACQUIRED THROUGH some magical action whose explanation is not given in other part of the list consists the subarea of magic. As one subarea of magic, the knowledge ACQUIRED FOR such action or like seems more fitting, which, however is not even implied in the definition of "durch" in the dictionary.

Is my understanding ERLANGT DURCH = ACQUIRED THROUGH here correct?
Or is there any other way to construe this ERLANGT DURCH?

Thank you very much for reading the question.

Best Regards,

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