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Which books do you recommend? (I want to get prepared for the Goethe B1 sertificate.)

maccaracas, 2017 m. kovas 1 d.

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maccaracas (Rodyti profilį) 2017 m. kovas 1 d. 22:10:38

Guten Abend. Wie geht's dir? Ich möchte Deustch lernen. Bitte helfen.

When I was in highschool, I took German lessons for six years. But it has been 10 years since I was graduated from highschool. I was B2 back then, but now I feel like I only remember some phrases.

Which books do you recommend? I want to get prepared for the Goethe B1 sertificate.

Thank you in advance.


gabora (Rodyti profilį) 2017 m. kovas 2 d. 18:36:48

For study you can use Menschen B1 , but for exam you may prepare from

Zertifikat Deutsch 15 Übungsprüfungen
So geht's noch besser zum Goethe-ÖSD-Zertifikat B1

Lynne (Rodyti profilį) 2017 m. rugpjūtis 22 d. 21:03:18

I use the book Sprachniveau. It comes with a CD and workbook. From the Schubert Verlag.

greeka (Rodyti profilį) 2018 m. gegužė 12 d. 21:40:49

Some friends of mine are learning German. Their teacher recommends this book: Berliner Platz.

Safi1 (Rodyti profilį) 2019 m. sausis 20 d. 17:31:22


Safi1 (Rodyti profilį) 2019 m. sausis 26 d. 17:27:10

I do not know you can take maybe the book wir und ihr maybe it's going to help

demendos (Rodyti profilį) 2020 m. liepa 22 d. 14:14:57

I think you should start with literature meant for high-school students. If you have already learned some vocabulary and grammar, it will be the right approach. These books are adapted for those who study the language. I am from https://worldpostalcode.com/united-states/massachu..., and this is how we normally do it at schools. Good luck to you!

GeorginaSellers (Rodyti profilį) 2021 m. vasaris 22 d. 09:12:24

It's very cool that you learned German at school, I had French and now I want to learn German too, thanks for the recommendations in the comments, I will definitely use them. Recently I was looking for a resource where you can find examples of book analysis and I was advised a good resource https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/the-glass... on which I found a lot of useful information and now I analyze every book I read using the resource. Maybe someone will also be useful. I like the fact that you can always find useful tips and advice on the forums.

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