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گرفتن ويزا

글쓴이: Magena, 2017년 1월 13일

글: 2

언어: فارسی

Magena (프로필 보기) 2017년 1월 13일 오후 6:14:04

سلام من يه سوال داشتم.من ميخوام تا قبل تابستون المان باشم و تازه كلاساي a1رو دارم ميرم.و همسرم در المان هست.ميشه يا دير تر ميتونم برم؟و الان من دانشگاه ميرم و وقتم پره.ميشه واقعا نمره ٦٠ به بالا بگيرم؟

MarlonJ (프로필 보기) 2021년 1월 11일 오전 3:47:55

I know this may be late but may I ask what you did about this one? My friend is also wondering about the same thing and we were just talking about it last week. He doesn't know what to do also. Since you guys have quite a similar scenario, can you please share what you did and when you went to Germany? thank you!

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