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Nomination as "Website of the year 2015"!

di KatharinaF, 05 ottobre 2015

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KatharinaF (Mostra il profilo) 05 ottobre 2015 10:24:00

Dear everyone,

our website was nominated as Website of the year 2015! Please help us and give us your voice here:

It won't take long and you can win great prizes!

We appreciate your help!

laurelle (Mostra il profilo) 14 ottobre 2015 18:42:44


mohsenn (Mostra il profilo) 16 ottobre 2015 00:04:41

I love this educational website .

alius (Mostra il profilo) 01 novembre 2015 19:46:10

guten abend

baleparvaz (Mostra il profilo) 27 agosto 2016 08:49:12

i am efrom iran mechanic engineer and i like to learn gemany languagoue
can you help me?

abdnia (Mostra il profilo) 05 settembre 2016 20:20:07

Ausbildung auf hohem Niveau
Google sollte Hilfe bekommen

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