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School in Austria

di Alex_vasili, 20 settembre 2017

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Alex_vasili (Mostra il profilo) 20 settembre 2017 18:25:03

Hello, i come from Greece and a month ago i moved with my family in Austria. I will continue the school here and i will go in Gymnasium. I would like to know how the austrian students take the matura,how difficult is it to take it and in what lessons they take exams. Also i would like to know how they pass in University. If someone knows please reply me because i am so stressed about it. Thank you!

AbbyBetche (Mostra il profilo) 17 agosto 2018 13:21:07

I know excellent schools in Austria, I think it will be interesting for you to read about it, I wrote essays and dissertations on this topic.

ThomasCrick (Mostra il profilo) 11 settembre 2018 13:17:25

Hello, every year in Austria there are many concerts, tickets you can buy here, it's an excellent service, tickets are good and inexpensive, I'll be happy to help you.

fjooos (Mostra il profilo) 14 aprile 2019 15:12:13

I`m writing my resume now. Could you tell me what to write in additional information section? On it is written that here the employer expects to see information about my knowledge of languages, description of computer skills, additional work experience, not directly related to my professional activities (for example, volunteering). Is that really the case?

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