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i need advise about moving to deutschland

di dotokata, 23 marzo 2017

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dotokata (Mostra il profilo) 23 marzo 2017 18:47:29

Hallo guys

Dont get me wrong for what i am about to ask now.

I am 23 year old man from turkey and have been studying german as a second language.actually newyl have i started and i would like to move to a city in germany where less foreigners live in. No matter the population. Criterions, less foreigners, people claiming their heritage . For me it is nice to live in small cities. I cant say that i like living in multicultural cities. What is pure is beutiful to me.

Which city would you suggest considering the criterions??

dotokata (Mostra il profilo) 23 marzo 2017 18:53:28

I know that germans like obeying rules and do not break them at all. This is very surprising culture to me.think of a city in which people obey the rules noone tries to steal someone elses queue. The way you do your job is more important than the way you dress. This is what i know about germans. If i am wrong bitte warn me. I really need an advice please those who have been to deutschland give me advise

healthwaz (Mostra il profilo) 16 gennaio 2020 13:52:20

How do i immigrate with my family to Germany? do i have to learn the language first? Are there opportunities there? kindly advice

Zoumanasidibe (Mostra il profilo) 28 aprile 2020 13:50:57

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Togoer (Mostra il profilo) 30 maggio 2020 20:46:27

Hallo!Hier kommen die Leute für deutsche Lernen.Betrüge Sie nicht.Wenn Sie 375000€ hatten,Kauf ein Haus ein.

Leute Weg ,Weg! Hier ist ein Betrüger(In)

Schämen Sie

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