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od bmw, 29. prosinca 2013.

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bmw (Prikaz profila) 29. prosinca 2013. 09:33:25


I'm going to move to Germany and I'm not sure if I need to learn german in advance. What is your experience? Can I use English there? Thanks for answering.

Neringa (Prikaz profila) 5. siječnja 2014. 21:55:26

Hello bmw,

Good question, I am not sure if I can answer it correct, but I'll try.

I think it depends on location you're going to move to. If it's a small city or village, then there is a bigger chance that you'll have problems with communication. If it's a big town, especially with a lot of foreigners, then it will be easier.

I would suggest at least trying to learn the basics in order not to have many difficulties, especially if you don't have any friends or relatives that can help you in the beginning.


Julia_L (Prikaz profila) 9. siječnja 2014. 11:36:56

What is the question?
Of course you need learn language of the country where you are going to live! This is first of all the respect to youself. For my opinion not learn means to be lazy and do not respect the country and people who live here. You will need to communicate (in bus, at the station, in the shop) on every step of your life and even in big city you will see that people are not happy that you don't understand them. Well, maybe I'm too strict, but Germany is not the branch of England and they have their own language. I am Ukrainian, and I have been here since September 2013.

Adele (Prikaz profila) 12. siječnja 2014. 19:15:54

Hello bmw, maybe it's better if you learn some words in German, it's better...I am Italian and the first time i went to Berlin on holiday I was sure my English was enough. Well, i was wrong!! I don't know if i was unlucky but nobody spoke English, for me it was a nightmare! The second time i went to Frankfurt and i noticed that the most of people spoke English. The third time... i could speak German too, i have studied a little bit!
Bye, Adele

Medzihorsky (Prikaz profila) 1. lipnja 2014. 20:37:38

Hello bmw,
well, anywhere you go you should know the language of local people... Not perfect certainly anyway some basic words you will need everyday and local people will appreciate it. Belive me, I am old enough and I traveled a lot and visited many cauntries of the world and before every journey I learned some basic words of local language and I was allways happy to have a chance to try them speaking with local people. Sometimes it is not easy anyway try it!

fgigi (Prikaz profila) 23. srpnja 2014. 13:05:42

How do you find Germany? And Germans ppl? They are coldesd right?

Zjedzony (Prikaz profila) 25. srpnja 2014. 16:42:37

Germans PPL learn English but u dont see that ridulo.gif because they want self leanguage

anisbh0304 (Prikaz profila) 8. rujna 2014. 12:44:06

Hello bmw,
I've been with my wife germany in 2013, we went to Munchen.
As Neringa said, in Munchen we did not find difficulties in communication, we speak English (, and to transport it Was superb, there are maps of all means of transportation so you have to fix your destination and determine your route

MaHja (Prikaz profila) 14. rujna 2014. 20:04:36

Hallo bmw,
I'd like to move in Germany too. And I have to learn German - it's a condition.
I'm not sure for you. It's depend of the reason.
I'd like to work there so I don't have a choice. But I have lucky because German is my first foreign language. My advice to you - you should learn German. At least as much, that you could have a normal conversation there (level A2).

Best wishes ridulo.gif

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