English Keyboard, German Special Characters?

od Othalian, 19. siječnja 2019.

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Othalian (Prikaz profila) 19. siječnja 2019. 22:29:04

I have a British keyboard on my laptop but here on this site I need to enter ß, ö, ü etc. I have managed to figure out that using double "s" for ß or "U" and "E" will produce Ü. This could be clearer at the very beginning of the course. Can I suggest you add in a very short tutorial to teach new users how to do things like this and help smooth their way to a more enjoyable learning experience?

PS Thanks for this course. It is challenging but enjoyable.

ntanzi (Prikaz profila) 25. studenoga 2019. 14:49:16

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