Problem with Multiple-choice questions

de AlirezaJ, 24 de julio de 2015

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AlirezaJ (Mostrar perfil) 24 de julio de 2015 09:26:12


When I am going to select an answer from multiple-choice question, my browser is directed to blank page. Does anyone know what the problem is? and how can I fix it?

Thank you

KatharinaF (Mostrar perfil) 27 de julio de 2015 12:27:42


in with exercise does this problem appear? Did you already try another browser or an updated version of your browser? Please try so, that might help.


AlirezaJ (Mostrar perfil) 27 de julio de 2015 13:40:45

Thank you Katharina,
All lessons in first part of A1 level have this problem. I tried up-to-date versions of chrome and firefox and had this problem with both of them. However, I found a way to do away with this problem by refreshing the page after answering each question and using the "try again" option. (After each refreshing, all the remaining questions will be marked as wrong)

AlirezaJ (Mostrar perfil) 8 de agosto de 2015 09:41:16

The problem is solved for mentioned sections. but it is still available for the remaining lessons on my way (maybe only in Persian version). In addition, Tab orders are not correct and each time you press the tab button you will be transmitted to a blank haphazardly.
I think the Persian version needs to be debugged.

KatharinaF (Mostrar perfil) 14 de agosto de 2015 08:42:03

Dear Alireza,

we now took care of the problem you mentioned.

Best regards,

daneil (Mostrar perfil) 15 de agosto de 2015 13:53:40

Hallo Grüße

midyeci (Mostrar perfil) 16 de agosto de 2015 15:58:16

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