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Gelmiş Geçmiş En İyi Yerli Komedi Dizileri

de orcundanadam, 2021-januaro-15

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Lingvo: Türkçe

orcundanadam (Montri la profilon) 2021-januaro-15 12:40:08

Bu videoda ki 15 diziden hangisi favoriniz yada sizin bu liste dışında önerebileceğiniz güzel dizler hangileri ?

MarlonJ (Montri la profilon) 2021-januaro-26 05:59:53

the first one! I remember waiting for the new episodes of that series and talking about it with my friends every time. It was actually amazing and i really loved its story. Anyway, that was a great link that you had sent and it truly made me reminisce about the different series there. Amazing stories and it was really nice to look at them all again. Thanks for that video. Now I want to rewatch some of those if only I could find a nice link.

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