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de Neringa, 2013-decembro-26

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Lingvo: English

max_mustermann (Montri la profilon) 2014-novembro-02 11:34:44
- "Es ist ist vierzehn Uhr fünfzig". It is likely that the second "ist" is redundant

SladjanaM (Montri la profilon) 2014-novembro-03 12:25:28

I can't hear the audio at all...

Dylony (Montri la profilon) 2014-novembro-03 15:36:52

La mesaĝo estas kaŝita.

cblauwaert (Montri la profilon) 2020-februaro-10 02:09:55

Good job, very good site. I have just a suggestion: add the possibility to start an exercise from zero by cleaning all the previous answers.

Aidan_Sweeney (Montri la profilon) 2020-februaro-20 09:01:37

In the Grammar section at the bottom of this page, I think there's an error. Across from "Sie geben," shouldn't the conversion be "Geben Sie" and not "Kommen Sie"?

Aidan_Sweeney (Montri la profilon) 2020-februaro-20 09:04:19

On shouldn't "enschuldigen" be spelled "entschuldigen" with a "t"?

jeannot2 (Montri la profilon) 2020-marto-05 14:24:53

I am learning German with a French interface. When I try to type two ss's the program turns it into an s-tzet. As you can see here.
I have to type another "s" to turn the ß back into ss. It this a bug or in the contrary a feature of the system?

jeannot2 (Montri la profilon) 2020-marto-05 15:23:01

I can't find anywhere instructions on how to complete the courses... I am on A1, do I need to complete each an every lesson
before procceding to the A2 level?

Elena_Souv (Montri la profilon) 2020-marto-21 18:06:12

I find the website interesting.. However, some irrelevant posts left me with a bad impreßion and I think maybe there s not so much control from the administrators about what it written and what is supoßed to be written and of course what mustn t be written.
I found a topic about an advertisement ( Voodoo offer and magic African spells) in the first page and I really think it must be deleted!!!!!
And also I think there s should be a better categorization reffering the topics/ posts.
For example, there are many people who want to find a "language parthner'' and I think it s a good idea to create only one or two topics for this idea......
Thanks in advance

merin (Montri la profilon) 2020-aprilo-01 16:11:28

Hi, how can i download the grammatical lessons pls

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