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Learning German - difficult?

von Deanna, 23. Juli 2014

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Deanna (Profil anzeigen) 23. Juli 2014 09:08:34

Hello to everyone!

I am new on this page... I have a question for u. I just started to learn German. Do you have any good advice how to learn German systematic and on easiest way possible?
Thank u,

Robert111 (Profil anzeigen) 23. Juli 2014 20:43:48

I'm just started to lern German too, and would advice how to improve my German language ridulo.gif

MaHja (Profil anzeigen) 14. September 2014 20:21:57

Hi both of you,

the best way to learn German is to make a lot of friendships with german-speaking people ridulo.gif

Maybe a book is good enough for the beginning - gramatik is a bit difficult. And a lot of german movies, music... That's very helpful.

Tschüß ridego.gif

talip27 (Profil anzeigen) 10. Oktober 2014 18:05:50

Mahya hat recht..ridulo.gif

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