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Learn the basics of German online for free

от germanlearningclub, 18 май 2020

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germanlearningclub (Покажи профила) 18 май 2020, 00:08:01

Whether you are an absolute beginner or want to improve your academic knowledge of German, many free German courses for beginners are available online to help you get started. But before you start learning German, you need to define your goals. Some people may want to learn only a few basic German phrases to impress their German friends during an occasional visit to Germany, some may wish to acquire the vocabulary necessary to understand written German, while others plan to move to Germany to study or work. You have to decide what you want to achieve and how long you are willing to invest so that you can choose the right approach. There are so many free online German courses for beginners as well as lessons for more advanced students that you can easily get lost.
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source: German for Beginners

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