About us

What is deutsch.info?

deutsch.info is an online platform for learning German, which uses modern teaching tools and at the same time provides practical information about living and working in Germany and Austria.

This free online platform is devoted to the German language and its increasing significance in European and international contexts. The labour markets in Germany and Austria are attractive to business partners from other countries and are open to new, qualified workers, which explains the growing interest in learning German.

The main target group of deutsch.info is motivated learners of German who have a lively interest in language, culture and people. The online platform is directed equally at workers with various qualifications, students intending to move to Germany or Austria or who already live there, as well as everyone who needs German at work, school pupils, tourists or residents of countries bordering on Germany and Austria.

Why learn German?

  • The geographical situation of Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the centre of Europe, as well as their cultural and economic significance, makes the German language highly attractive.
  • Over 100 million people world-wide speak German.
  • Almost 20 million people world-wide are learning German.
  • German is the most widely spoken language in the EU.
  • German is, according to “Eurostat“, the second most frequent foreign language in the EU.